Making A Difference In Lives
Making A Difference In Lives


From time immemorial, trailblazers extend the frontiers of knowledge, the boundaries of geography, the limits of human endurance and the universe of the human spirit. They are the pathfinders who contribute to progress and civilisations through their passion, determination and commitment.

The Trailblazer Foundation seeks to honour trailblazers by supporting those who may make a difference in the lives of their families and their fellowmen. Here we share some of the lives of the trailblazers we have touched and in turn they can reach out and make a difference in the lives of others.



Individuals or organisations who are seeking funds can submit a brief proposal.

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Trailblazer General Fund

Lives We Have Touched - Theophilus Tan, Cellist
“The opportunity to further develop my skills was made possible by Trailblazer Foundation which stood by me generously throughout my Masters studies in Conservatorio Della Svizzera Italiana, Lugano, Switzerland.”
- Theophilus Tan

Lives We Have Touched - Kevin Goh, Chess Grandmaster
“I am grateful that Trailblazer Foundation believed in me and my ability to achieve the Grandmaster title, something that is widely considered to be unattainable as an amateur player.”
- Kevin Goh

Lives We Have Touched - NUS Centre for the Arts
“We want to tell the Singapore story with her distinct diverse ethnic cultures and support young Singaporean musicians to grow in their artistic journey.”
- NUS Centre for the Arts

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Chan Chiew Ping Fund

Lives We Have Touched - Nur Farzana Binte Mohd Kamal, Republic Polytechnic
“The bursary has definitely helped me defray my daily expenses and also improved my family’s financial situation so I can focus on my education.”
- Nur Farzana Binte Mohd Kamal

Lives We Have Touched - Nur Syairah Binte Khamis, ITE College Central
“I dream to create a secure business that caters to building set, staging and props ranging from Film to Theatre Productions!”
- Nur Syairah Binte Khamis

Lives We Have Touched - Huan Hwee Cheng, ITE College West
“I would like to give back to the society as I enjoy helping people and touching lives.”
- Huan Hwee Cheng

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Howe Yoon Chong PSA Endowment Fund

Lives We Have Touched - Ho Jiaxuan, Michelle
“When I was 15, I lost my father to cardiac arrest. Ever since then, I worked part-time while juggling my studies. I was determined to study hard and enter my dream course in polytechnic.”
- Ho Jiaxuan, Michelle

Howe Yoon Chong PSA Endowment Fund - Jena Lim Xiang Ying
“I learned to give not because I have much, but because I know exactly what it feels like to have nothing. My mission is to help every individual that crosses my path in life.”
- Jena Lim Xiang Ying

Lives We Have Touched - Tang Yu Alexander
““Kites fly highest against the wind not with it” by Winston Churchill. I completely agree with this quote as through adversity; I managed to persist and achieve success.”
- Tang Yu Alexander

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T-Touch Fund

Lives We Have Touched - Surya Home
“I think it’s humbling to know that the residents’ needs are simple – a little effort and attention can bring big smiles to their faces. It’s a completely different perspective on contentment and makes me reflect on my life’s priorities.”

Lives We Have Touched - One of Us
“One of Us helped me understand that people with mental health issues are not defined by their affliction, but instead they are as multifaceted as any other person, with hopes and dreams, strengths and weaknesses and have the capacity to live their best life.”

Lives We Have Touched - Down Syndrome Association of Singapore
“Bentoriffic was an event supported by T-Touch, where the beneficiaries, with the aid of T-Touch volunteers, bonded as they made their own Japanese bento boxes.”

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Lives We Have Touched - Qazim Karim
“I hope to inspire future arts managers to follow their passion and contribute to a vibrant cultural sector in Singapore.”
- Qazim Karim

Lives We Have Touched - Children's Cancer Foundation

Photo Credit: Children’s Cancer Foundation

“Your generous contributions have helped us in sustaining programmes and services that give our children the extra strength and support to win their battle against childhood cancer.” - Peng Hai Ying, CCF Chief Executive Officer

Lives We Have Touched - Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra
“SNYCO will persevere in its mission to inspire, nurture, and develop our youth into exemplary music advocates to serve the community.”

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