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From time immemorial, trailblazers extend the frontiers of knowledge, the boundaries of geography, the limits of human endurance and the universe of the human spirit. They are the pathfinders who contribute to progress and civilisations through their passion, determination and commitment.

The Trailblazer Foundation seeks to honour trailblazers by supporting those who may make a difference in the lives of their families and their fellowmen. Here we share some of the lives of the trailblazers we have touched and in turn they can reach out and make a difference in the lives of others.


Individuals or organisations who are seeking funds can submit a brief proposal.

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Trailblazer General Fund

“I have been sailing for 18 years of my life, and from a young age I have been spurred by my competitive spirit to represent Singapore at the highest level of sailing at the Olympics.”
- Colin Cheng
“Talent development does not happen in a vacuum; I have been very fortunate to be able to pursue and realise my dreams in teaching, performing, and researching dance.”
- Joey Chua
“I hope to set up the first baroque orchestra in Singapore, and spread my passion for historically-informed music and dance through teaching and performing.”
- Tan Qin Ying

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Chan Chiew Ping Fund

“I aspire to nurture the children and youths in Singapore towards becoming leaders of tomorrow.”
- Siti Rasyidah Binte Mohamed Shariff
“My aspiration is to become a fashion designer and start my own business.”
- Su Zarni Hlaing
“I have a strong passion for theatre and hope to be involved in different productions to develop my skills further in the future.”
- Nurul Sharmine Bte Abdullah

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Howe Yoon Chong PSA Endowment Fund

“I may not be financially independent but I am able to lighten my mother’s load. I am determined to work hard to strive for a better future for her.”
- Belvin Tan
“My dream is to be able to help contribute back to Singapore in the Petroleum and Refinery industry and I am working towards it.”
- Bryan Tan Guang Jun
“It would be such a proud moment to be wearing a Singapore flag on my jersey and representing Singapore in the Olympics and international competitions. ”
- Mavis Xu Jiaxuan

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T-Touch Fund

“The beneficiaries and staff enjoyed the celebration tremendously - they particularly liked the carnival games, the Fortune God segment as well as Bingo.”
“After we assisted in breaking down the tasks for them in to something more manageable, they become more involved in the painting and were able to complete stunning pieces of art in less than two hours!”
“An outing for the beneficiaries of the Association to the Police Heritage Museum Tour. It was an enriching experience for the beneficiaries and Temasek staff!”

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